Power and Control Conversation Cards - Questions for Teletherapy Play Therapy

Power and Control Conversation Cards - Questions for Teletherapy Play Therapy


These conversation cards focus on the emotions that kids might be experiencing with peers or adults related to power dynamics. Whether it’s pressure from friends or standing up for oneself, these cards give children a non-suggestive way to express feelings about unhealthy relationships or negative emotions at whatever depth they feel comfortable. Recommended for elementary to high school aged kids.


Topics covered include:

  • feeling pressured to do things
  • standing up for self and others
  • feelings about asking for help
  • keeping secrets
  • feeling negative emotions


Ways to use:

  • Printed and paired with our emotion cards, kids can choose the face card that matches their emotion and place it on the "I feel..." question card they're answering
  • Turn the "I feel..." questions into face charades so that as kids answer, they are instructed to make the face that matches their emotion- and you can too!
  • Printed front and back, Each "I feel..." question has 3 corresponding open ended questions. You can encourage kids to pick their favorite question to answer, or create a game by assigning numbers to the questions and rolling a dice to determine which one should be answered
  • These cards are ideal for counselors and clients to use over zoom via telethearpy, for teachers and educators to use with students, and for parents to use at home!


Other details:

  • Printed cards are 9 per page and measure 2.5" x 3.5", the same size as standard playing cards
  • Emotion face cards are not included in this listing, but can be purchased in our store