Coronavirus Conversation Cards - Discussion Questions for Teletherapy Covid-19

Coronavirus Conversation Cards - Discussion Questions for Teletherapy Covid-19


With so many new and difficult changes happing this year, these conversation cards give children and teens helpful prompts to discuss their feelings about coronavirus related changes. Our 18 "I Feel" questions and 54 open-ended questions help kids to identify and express their emotions in a fun and engaging way. Lots of kids (and adults!) are experiencing grief right now, and these cards give them permission to name their losses and talk about their experiences. We recommend these cards for ages 8 to adult.


Topics covered include:

  • feelings about coronavirus
  • feelings about social distancing
  • changes in family dynamics
  • school changes
  • missing people, places, and events
  • fears about the future


Ways to use:

  • Printed and paired with our emotion cards, kids can choose the face card that matches their emotion and place it on the "I feel..." question card they're answering
  • Turn the "I feel..." questions into face charades so that as kids answer, they are instructed to make the face that matches their emotion- and you can too!
  • Printed front and back, Each "I feel..." question has 3 corresponding open ended questions. You can encourage kids to pick their favorite question to answer, or create a game by assigning numbers to the questions and rolling a dice to determine which one should be answered
  • These cards are idea for counselors and clients to use over zoom via telethearpy, for teachers and educators to use with students, and for parents to use at home!


Other details:

  • Printed cards are 9 per page and measure 2.5" x 3.5", the same size as standard playing cards
  • Emotion face cards are not included in this listing, but can be purchased in our store