During these challenging times, we hope to be a support for parents and counselors striving to  care for those in need, that's why we're offering these free printable Coronavirus Conversation Cards that will help you invite kids and teens to talk about their experiences in light of all of the recent changes. 


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What started as a therapy toy brand has grown into a space for modern, thoughtful resources for families and therapists. Sisters Liz and Mandi are counseling graduate students from Saint Louis, MO specializing in play therapy,  and are the creative minds behind the designs. Deb (mom, also in graduate school!) brings 30+ years of teaching and parenting wisdom and serves as content creator consultant. 

As therapists around the world are grappling with how to best care for clients in light of social distancing, we decided to create these resources to help bridge the gap. We're using them with our clients, and we'd love for others to benefit from them as well! 

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